MultiBack Hybrid Camera Makers

Digital, Film, Instant
We are building your next camera

Multiback Hybrid Camera Project

We are developing a multiback hybrid camera:
Film, digital, and instant, all in one camera. We are a start-up, want to fund us?
We heve been part of the 6th intake of the Acorn Enterprise 20 week Business Accelerator Programme

  • The idea

    We don't fear flying high, that's why we are thinking big. A multiback hybrid camera at an affordable price.

  • The project

    We are beginning the production of the first prototypes. Want to be considered as a tester? Send us a mail

  • Schedule

    We plan to have the first, fully operative prototypes within mid-2017 and start production and sale in the first half of 2018.

  • Helping us

    Want to help us? Like the idea? Write us and ask how you can help.