PONF Multiback Open Camera

Developing a new camera concept

PONF Multiback Camera

The idea

We are thinking big. A multiback open camera at an affordable price.

Many of us shoot both in digital and film (and of course, also with instant film). So, why not having PONF, a Multiback Camera to have the best of both?
We are prefectioning our project, working hard on details and continuously improving our prototypes.
We will start with a reflex camera, later we will be offering a rangefinder one.
The cameras will be almost entirely hand made, on your specifications. You will be able to configure it as you like, choosing the colour, the finish or the lens mount.
We started developing our first fully operative prototypes, and we will start salea in the first half of 2018.
Want to help us? Like the idea? Write us if you would like to help or fund us.